💸Secondary Sales

Trade Chefs and directly donte to public goods

One of the first NFT collections where proceeds get distributed across a plethora of public goods

10% royalties towards public goods approved on public goods official registry https://nearblocks.io/address/registry.potlock.near

Initial payouts to be based on script that calls https://nearblocks.io/address/donate.potlock.near

In the future a contract will be deployed to autodistribute after threshold amounts across.

Secondary Marketplaces

Multilisting: use this multilisting widget to list on Paras, Tradeport, Mintbase, GenaDrop all at the same time. Ultimately we want people reselling and trading this collection as 10% of royalties gets put back directly to public goods. This allows under-supported public goods to get the trickle down affects of just being in the Potlock platform.

Tradeport: https://www.tradeport.xyz/near/collection/mint.yearofchef.near (yearofchef.org/tradeport)

Paras: https://paras.id/collection/mint.yearofchef.near (yearofchef.org/paras)

Mintbase: https://www.mintbase.xyz/contract/mint.yearofchef.near/ (yearofchef.org/mintbase)

Foodbank Wallets

Royalties go towards v1.foodbank.near a wallet which checks approved projects on registry, send all the balance for x amount with n number of donations (by selecting n random set of projects from registry) where the number of donations is total balance at the time - reserve amount / x amount. Example if the wallet needs to have 1 NEAR on it, and is making transactions every 6 hours of .1 NEAR and has 20 NEAR on it, it will send out 19 N in .1 transactions (selecting 190 random projects to payout)

yearofchef.org/foodbank (repo coming soon) <- setup your own foodbank

Multilisting Widget

Want a BOS native YEAR of the Chef experience anyone can fork? Check out yearofchef.org/multilisting

This component list you

  • List your YEAR OF THE CHEF NFT from multiple marketplaces

  • View all the NFT

  • Buy directly

  • See number of holders

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