2024 Handdrawn generative NFTs cooking up public goods ecosystem and funding in the YEAR of the Dragon.

  • Free mint for donors of 1 NEAR (total across public goods on Potlock), NEAR + public goods ecosystem OGs, project registered on Potlock, and contributors to Potlock ecosystem

  • 10% royalties on secondary sales, get automatically redistributed to public goods

Mint Date

Late January TBD

🎯 Objectives

  • Automatically support public goods through secondary sales, create continuous revenue stream

  • Bolster NFT ecosystem on NEAR, & set trend fo new tokens, inscriptions, and NFTs to allocate funding towards public goods

  • Create a community around public goods funding on NEAR & create a culture where those who create an impact in ecosystem are automatically rewarded

  • Create an arbitrage opportunity for donations

  • Build hype around upcoming funding strategies on NEAR like quadratic voting, stake weighted votings, and campaigns

❤️ Why Support?

First NFT Collection to for public good supporters to claims, and automatically supports in donations for public goods. Only can get in primary from contributions to Potlock public goods platform, and in secondary 10% royalties get redistributed across projects in public goods registry

📜 Folklore

In America a Potluck is when everyone is a Chef and brings something to the table so everybody eats of a diverse set of cuisines in a communal setting. A pot is also and lump some of money. Lock denotes securing the pot, One of the motifs of the Potlock ecosystem building open source public goods infrastructure on NEAR is that we should encourage a culture where everyone a Chef, and each brings something to the table so everyone can eat.

On NEAR Protocol, during Co-Founders, Illia's time in China got to be known as the Black Dragon. Also 2024 (also why we are minting 2024 NFTs) is the YEAR OF THE DRAGON, the natural chef, breathing fire with every breath. Also in Chinese culture 2024 adds up to 8, which is a lucky number. Ate is also something you do at a Potluck.

💿 Royalties

Royalties get distributed automatically. Learn more at

💸Secondary Sales

The collection is hand drawn. Traits include background, shirt, hat. eyes, and more. Check out the secondary sales at https://yearofchef.org/secondary to filter by traits.

🌱 How to Mint

Official Website https://yearofchef.org/mint

🎁How to Claim for Free

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